We are Audio Professionals with a wealth of experience across many disciplines: Music Composition, Sound Design, Implementation, Mixing, Mastering and Audio Editing, in a host of different industries: Game Development, Film, Trailers, Theatre, Animation and Music Production.


One thing stays the same - our passion for Audio at the highest levels of creativity and the deepest respect for punctuality, reliability and professionalism. 

Thomas Hansen

Kyle stewart

Managing Director

 Lead Composer

Creative Director 

Lead Sound Designer

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The team


Thomas Hansen is a Scottish Composer who specializes in Music Composition, Sound Design and Audio Implementation for Games, Film and other media. His work has been performed by various ensembles, including the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra.

For Games Thomas has worked on a variety of projects including Triple A titles: Ubisoft’s ‘Far Cry: Primal’, Composed/Implemented Music for an unannounced project by Warner Brothers Interactive and Indie titles such as VR Game ‘Chaos Jump Squad’ by Minority Media.

For Film Thomas has worked on a wide collection of varied projects: EyeFilm Museum’s Desmet Collection, a registered UNESCO World Heritage Collection and for Directors such as Ewan Fletcher on ‘Simon Says’ and ‘Asset Management’. Thomas also has extensive experience in music for Theatre, Adverts and other media.

Thomas holds Degrees from two of Scotland’s four Ancient Universities: Master of Arts (Honors) in Music from the University of Glasgow and Master of Science Degree from the Edinburgh for Composition for Screen.


Kyle Stewart is a composer, sound designer and recordist from Glasgow whose main interests include interactive audio, electroacoustic music, audio programming and location recording.

He has worked on a wide variety of different productions in radio, theatre, film, music videos and art installations, and his work has been featured on BBC The Social and Resonance FM.

As an Electroacoustic composer, his work has been selected for festivals, exhibitions and broadcasts across the world, including the New York City Electroacoustic Symposium, EUROMicroFest in Germany, and the New Interfaces for Musical Expression Conference in Australia.

Kyle is a graduate of the University of Glasgow and possesses both an MA in Music and an MMus in Sonic Arts.

The company


Over two thousand years ago, the Romans marched toward Scotland. They encountered a mysterious confederation of tribes that banded together to resist them. Very little record remains of them, apart from precious pieces of jewellery and stone carvings. What we know of them is how the Romans described them; saying they charged into battle naked and tattooed, with wild abandon. Writer Eumenius in 297 CE, referred to these tribes of Scotland as "Picti", or in our tongue:

Painted Ones Transparet.png

We chose this as our name because we are inspired by the fierce descriptions of the Picts. We also wanted a name that allowed us to continue a legacy of our home. We bring that determination, passion, and spirit of intense creativity that originally inspired us into all of our work - each project is special, and we understand that punctuality, reliability and working to the highest level within a budget, is just as important as creativity.