We are the painted ones 

We live and breathe all things Audio, and are passionate about sharing our skills. We specialise in all aspects in Audio, from full production cycles of Triple A and Indie Games and Film, to producing Bands, Artists and Ensembles to their fullest potential, from start to finish with unrivalled passion.  

 Music Composition 

 Out of this world, down to earth - whatever your musical needs, we make it happen.

 Sound Design 

Colliding planets, to a breeze against a flower, we make worlds come alive.



We love Games, whether it be Wwise, Unity or Unreal - we can make audio shine in game. 

Bring your project/bands audio to life - we make audio punchy and crystal clear. 



 Audio/Music Editing 




Add the final layer of vital polish to give your project the professional sound.

Need audio repaired, edited or cleaned up? We got your back.

Dialogue, singing or voice acting, we can give your project world class sound.

We love getting the best out of artists and bring unique ideas and guidance to their vision.


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